Colleague Program Completion

Completion of the Colleague program is the accumulation of the following five experiences:

1. Attendance at:

  • Four (4) seasonal quarterly gatherings offered by the School (in person or via Skype)
  • Nineteen (19) Colleague Connection group coaching topics (in person, via teleconference or download)
  • All introduction classes offered by the Teacher (in person, via Skype ¬†or download)

2. Completion of the Colleague recommended reading, viewing and listening list.
3. Completion of all intermediate classes (in person, teleclass or download):

  • Qabalah, the Tree of Life, Level Two (10 hours)
  • Mystical Hebrew Alphabet (7 hours)
  • Discover Your Personal Mission Statement (8 hours)

4. Expression of financial appreciation is paid up to date.
5. Performance of thirty two (32) hours of volunteer service to the School.

Done buttonThe Colleague Participant tracks their progress on an honor system basis by filling out the provided Program Progress tracking form. After completion, speak with any current Core Participant or the Teacher to apply for the Core program


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