Colleague Program

The first level of participation is the Colleague Program

Daily Spiritual Tools
the Colleague Participant explores…

Tools for Digging Deep photo

Tools for Digging Deep


Use of the body to BE in the God Force

  • Creation & use of personal sacred space such as a home temple
  • Cleansing of the circle or temple with ceremony
  • Invocation of spiritual energies with ceremony
  • Forms of Yoga, such as asana, pranayama, karma (a branch of yoga that is service through labor)
  • Connection with Nature through outdoor experiences
  • Connection with kindred spirits through social gatherings with spiritual focus


Use of the heart to TALK with the God Force

  • Prayer or silent conversation with the Divine Self
  • Writing in a spiritual diary about one’s life such as journaling
  • Practices of attunement to the God Force
  • Chanting and/or mantra
  • Service to the Light or God Force
  • Gratitude for the abundance in one’s life


Use of the mind to LISTEN to the God Force

  • Meditation to hear the Divine Self
  • Awareness of symbology throughout one’s day to recognize the God Force
  • Reading, reflection
  • Study, research
  • Visualization practices to develop the Third Eye

Ways to know that a spiritual program is working for you

Joy of Self-Fulfillment photo

Joy of Self-Fulfillment

  • Your understanding of who you are and who you are not becomes clear.
  • You experience repeated success in all areas of your life.
  • You learn to truly appreciate yourself for who you uniquely are this lifetime.
  • You acquire a continually raising level of self confidence and self esteem.
  • You are totally in love with your life.
  • Stemming from all of this, many people are drawn to you.
  • You feel prepared to move even deeper with your inner spiritual explorations.

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