How We Do It


Thoth the Egyptian God of  Wisdom image

Thoth, the Egyptian God of Wisdom

Our programs teach the art and science of Knowing Thyself and living one’s ideal life. Know Thyself is truly the beginner’s key, but how does one do this?

1. Find the path you are drawn to.
2. Find your Teacher on that path.
3. Fully test the program taught by that Teacher. The program should bring you to your Divine Truth.

The tools of our programs are aimed to balance the body, the heart, and the mind, and align them with Divine Spirit.

The name of our School comes from the concept of Qabalah, also known as the Tree of Life. Our path involves the study of Qabalah amongst other spiritual topics.

Studying Qabalah allows us to deepen our understanding of the Universe, and to have a common language that we can use when we talk about achieving God Consciousness.

However, the Truth is not in the intellectual pursuit of Qabalah, or any one subject, but in the experience of BEING in the Now.

If you are drawn to these concepts, and are interested in exploring our School more deeply, CLICK HERE.

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