Introduction Classes

Laura teaches several subjects and will add to this list as time goes on.  Dates and times of classes are customized to the attendee’s schedules.   The in-person classes are held at Tree of Life Sanctuary and the size is kept to a maximum of 8.   Some classes are offered via Skype (5 maximum) and teleclass.

Colleague Program to Raise Your Level of Spiritual Satisfaction

Come learn about our Colleague Program, a group coaching experience, designed for raising your level of spiritual satisfaction.  To be a guest, contact us. 2 hrs/No charge

Intro to the Qabalah (Tree of Life)

A fascinating introduction that covers how Qabalah is a hologram within which a person can build a spiritual training for them self, according to their own Soul and their present understanding of God.  1.5 hrs/ $25

Intro to Qabalistic Tarot

An introductory class on the tarot that covers its relationship to the Tree of Life, why the Qabalah informs the reading of the cards, familiarization with the Thoth deck, a brief history of the tarot, recommendations for personal research and a brief overview of how tarot can be used as a coaching tool. 2 hrs/ $25

The Power of Your Personal Mission Statement

Learn how your personal mission statement declares who you are, what is important to you and what you contribute to the world. (This is a pre-requisite for the full class “Discover Your Personal Mission Statement”.) 1/2 hr/ Complimentary by appointment

Discover Your Personal Mission Statement

Experience this one-day process of writing your personal mission statement with one-on-one, in person assistance from Laura.  The exercises lead you to describe the code you live by and ends with a written documentation of this deep, exploratory experience.  8 hrs/ $200

Discover Your Personal Mission Statement -7 Week Teleclass

Experience this group class on writing your personal mission statement.  The exercises lead you to describe the code you live by and ends with a written documentation of this deep, exploratory experience.  Includes one-on-one session at the end with Laura to finalize your statement. Day and time will be arranged custom for the group, and is limited to 10 for call quality. Calls will be recorded for listening later if you need to miss any. Occasionally this class is offered via Skype and is limited to 5 for call quality. 8 hrs over 7 weeks/ $95   (If this cost is a challenge for you, please contact the School.)  Repeat this teleclass as a refresher for a donation amount of your choice.

To sign up on the interest list for a class, contact us here or call the Tree of Life Sanctuary at 360.592.0924 and leave your name and phone number.

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