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Hello and welcome to a small taste of our full and complete spiritual library, consisting of over 700 items. You can scroll through to see what we have by title, author and subject. Some of the items are reserved due to their age and rareness and can only be used at the School.

We plan to update this page soon with short biographies on the people who have donated items to the library, some short book reports on our favorites and…who knows what comes next?

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Specific Subject
Belief SystemsA. R. E.Approach of Dreams in the Life of Edgar Cayce, TheBRO
Belief SystemsA. R. E.AurasCayce, Edgar
Belief SystemsA. R. E.Earth Changes UpdateCayce, Hugh Lynn
Belief SystemsA. R. E.Edgar Cayce - Dreams: Your Magic MirrorSechrist, Elsie
Belief SystemsA. R. E.Edgar Cayce - Reflections on the PathPuryear, Herbert B.
Belief SystemsA. R. E.Edgar Cayce - Reflections on the PathPuryear, Herbert B.
Belief SystemsA. R. E.Edgar Cayce - Story of Attitudes & EmotionsFurst, Jeffrey, ed.
Belief SystemsA. R. E.Edgar Cayce - Story of JesusFurst, Jeffrey, ed.
Belief SystemsA. R. E.Edgar Cayce - The Sleeping ProphetStearn, Jess
Belief SystemsA. R. E.Edgar Cayce - The Sleeping ProphetStearn, Jess
Belief SystemsA. R. E.Edgar Cayce on AtlantisCayce, H. L.
Belief SystemsA. R. E.Edgar Cayce on ESPAgee, Doris
Belief SystemsA. R. E.Edgar Cayce on ProphecyCarter, Mary Ellen
Belief SystemsA. R. E.Edgar Cayce on ProphecyCarter, Mary Ellen
Belief SystemsA. R. E.Edgar Cayce on Religion & Psychic ExperienceBRO
Belief SystemsA. R. E.Edgar Cayce on Religion & Psychic ExperienceBRO
Belief SystemsA. R. E.Edgar Cayce Primer, ThePuryear, Herbert B.
Belief SystemsA. R. E.Edgar Cayce Reader, TheCayce, Hugh Lynn
Belief SystemsA. R. E.Edgar Cayce's Story of the Old TestamentKrajenke, Robert
Belief SystemsA. R. E.Egyptian Heritage, TheLehner, Mark
Belief SystemsA. R. E.Reincarnation: Claiming Your Past-Creating Your FutureSparrow, Lynn Elwell
Belief SystemsA. R. E.Story of Edgar Cayce, TheSugrue, Thomas
Belief SystemsA. R. E.Think on These ThingsCayce, Edgar
Belief SystemsA. R. E.Venture InwardCayce, Hugh Lynn
Belief SystemsA.R.E.Reflections on the PathPuryear, Herbert B.
Belief SystemsA.R.E.Reflections on the PathPuryear, Herbert B.
Belief SystemsAstrologyAstrologer's Almanac: abd Occult Miscellany, TheGreene, Joseph (ed.)
Belief SystemsAstrologyAstrologer's Handbook, TheSakoian, Frances & Louis S. Acker
Belief SystemsAstrologyAstrologer's Manual, TheGreen, Landis Knight
Belief SystemsAstrologyAstrology & Past LivesDevlin, Mary
Belief SystemsAstrologyAstrology for the SoulSpiller, J.
Belief SystemsAstrologyAstrology: Evolution and RevolutionOken, Alan
Belief SystemsAstrologyAstrology; Your Guide to the Stars
Belief SystemsAstrologyCase for Astrology, TheWest, John Anthony & Jan Gerhard Toonder
Belief SystemsAstrologyComplete Illustrated Book of the Psychic Sciences, TheGibson, Walter
Belief SystemsAstrologyDivine Plot: Astrology and Reincarnation, TheA.T. Mann
Belief SystemsAstrologyHeaven Knows WhatLewi, Grant
Belief SystemsAstrologyLarousse Encyclopedia of AstrologyBrau, Jean-Louis & others
Belief SystemsAstrologyLinda Goodman's Star SignsGoodman, Linda
Belief SystemsAstrologyLinda Goodman's Sun Sign'sGoodman, Linda
Belief SystemsAstrologyLinda Goodman's Sun Sign'sGoodman, Linda
Belief SystemsAstrologyLlewellyn's 1982 Daily Planetary GuideWeschche, Carl Llewellyn & Matthew Wood
Belief SystemsAstrologyMeditations on the Signs of the ZodiacJocelyn, John
Belief SystemsAstrologyMoon SignsLeek, Sybil
Belief SystemsAstrologyParkers' AstrologyParker, Julia & Derek
Belief SystemsAstrologyPredictive AstrologySakoian, Frances & Louis S. Acker
Belief SystemsAstrologyPrelude To ScienceSmith, Richard Furnald
Belief SystemsAstrologyStar Rhythms: Readings in a Living AstrologyLonsdale, William (ed.)
Belief SystemsAstrologyStellar Nations - Soul Families Volume ICzeizel, Dr. Beatrix & Anikó Greskó
Belief SystemsAstrologyStellar Nations - Soul Families Volume IICzeizel, Dr. Beatrix & Anikó Greskó
Belief SystemsAstrologyZodiac SignsGoodman, Frederick
Belief SystemsAstrologyZolar's Family HoroscopeZolar
Belief SystemsAztecMontezuma: Lord of the AztecsBorland, C. A.
Belief SystemsGurdjieffG.I. Gurdjieff The War Against SleepWilson, Colin
Belief SystemsGurdjieffMasters of Wisdom, TheBennett, J.G.
Belief SystemsGurdjieffSacred Influences Spiritual Action in Human LifeBennett, J.G.
Belief SystemsGurdjieffSevenfold Work, TheBennett, J.G.
Belief SystemsGurdjieffStudy of Gurdjieff's Teaching, AWalker, Kenneth
Belief SystemsGurdjieffTransformationBennett, J.G.
Belief SystemsMasonsFirst Templar NationSilva, F.
Belief SystemsMasonsMasonry and Its SymbolsPercival, Harold Waldwin
Belief SystemsMasonsMasons Who Helped Shape Our NationClausen, Henry C.
Belief SystemsMasonsMorals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish rite of FreemasonryPike, Albert
Belief SystemsOuspenskyPsychology of Man's Possible Evolution, TheOuspensky, P. D.
Belief SystemsOuspenskyPsychology of Man's Possible Evolution, TheOuspensky, P. D.
Belief SystemsOuspenskyTertiumm Organum: A Key to the Enigmas of the WorldOuspensky, P. D.
Belief SystemsQabalah777and Other Qabalistic Writings of Aleister CrowleyCrowley, Aleister
Belief SystemsQabalah9 1/2 Mystics; the Kabbala Today, TheWeiner, Herbert
Belief SystemsQabalahAdam and the Kabbalistic TreeHalevi, Z'ev ben Shimon
Belief SystemsQabalahAnatomy of Fate; Astrology and Kabbalah, TheHalevi, Z'ev ben Shimon
Belief SystemsQabalahBook 4 Part III; Magick in Theory and Practice (Introduction Only)Crowley, Aleister
Belief SystemsQabalahBook of Enoch, The; the ProphetLaurence, Richard
Belief SystemsQabalahBook of Splendours, TheLevi, Eliphas
Belief SystemsQabalahDion Fortune's Esoteric Orders and Their WorkFortune
Belief SystemsQabalahEmerald Tablets of Thoth-the-Atlantean, TheDoreal, Dr.
Belief SystemsQabalahEsoteric Orders and Their Work, TheFortune, Dion
Belief SystemsQabalahEsoteric Orders and Their Work, TheFortune, Dion
Belief SystemsQabalahEssenes & the Kabbalah, TheGinsburg, Christian D.
Belief SystemsQabalahGame of Wizards; Psyche, Science, and Symbol in the Occult, ThePonce, Charles
Belief SystemsQabalahGarden of Pomegranates; an Outline of the Qabalah, ARegardie, Israel
Belief SystemsQabalahGodwin's Cabalistic EncyclopediaGodwin, David
Belief SystemsQabalahHeavenly Ladder; Kabbalistic Techniques for Inner Growth, TheHoffman, Edward
Belief SystemsQabalahHebrew Alphabet, TheHoffman, Edward
Belief SystemsQabalahHebrew Alphabet; A Mystical Journey (w/printing blocks), TheHoffman, Edward
Belief SystemsQabalahHebrew IlluminationsRhine, Adam & Louise Temple
Belief SystemsQabalahHermetic and Alchemical Writings of ParacelsusWaite, Arthur Edward, ed.
Belief SystemsQabalahInitiation In the Aeon of The ChildGunther, J. Daniel
Belief SystemsQabalahIntroduction to the Mystical Qabalah, AnRichardson, Alan
Belief SystemsQabalahKabalah and the Power of DreamingShainberg, C.
Belief SystemsQabalahKabbalahScholem, Gershom G.
Belief SystemsQabalahKabbalah Decoder; Revealing the Messages of the Ancient MysticsBerenson-Perkins, Janet
Belief SystemsQabalahKabbalah for the Layman; a guide to cosmic consciousnessBerg, Dr. Philip S.
Belief SystemsQabalahKabbalah; An Introduction and Illumination for the World TodayPonce, Charles
Belief SystemsQabalahKabbalah; The Divine PlanHalevi, Z'ev ben Shimon
Belief SystemsQabalahKabbalah; The Way of the Jewish MysticEpstein, Perle
Belief SystemsQabalahKabbalistic Teachings of the Female ProphetsHieronimus, J. Zohara Meryerhoff
Belief SystemsQabalahKey to the True Quabbalah, TheBardon, Franz
Belief SystemsQabalahLectures on Ancient PhilosophyHall, M. P.
Belief SystemsQabalahLiving Talmud, TheGoldin, Judah
Belief SystemsQabalahMagical Philosophy, The; Book I: Robe and RingDenning, Melita & Osborne Phillips
Belief SystemsQabalahMagical Philosophy, The; Book II: The Apparel of High MagickDenning, Melita & Osborne Phillips
Belief SystemsQabalahMagical Philosophy, The; Book III: The Sword and the SerpentDenning, Melita & Osborne Phillips
Belief SystemsQabalahMagical Philosophy, The; Book IV: The Triumph of LightDenning, Melita & Osborne Phillips
Belief SystemsQabalahMagical Philosophy, The; Book V: Mysteria MagicaDenning, Melita & Osborne Phillips
Belief SystemsQabalahMagical Signs & SymbolsFiery, Alice
Belief SystemsQabalahMiddle Pillar, TheRegardie, Israel
Belief SystemsQabalahMoon MagicFortune, Dion
Belief SystemsQabalahMystical Qabalah, TheFortune, Dion
Belief SystemsQabalahMystical Qabalah, TheFortune, Dion
Belief SystemsQabalahOn the Mystical Shape of the GodheadScholem, Gershom G.
Belief SystemsQabalahPractical Guide to Geomantic Divination, ARegardie, Israel
Belief SystemsQabalahSecret Teachings of All Ages, TheHall, Manly P.
Belief SystemsQabalahSefer Yetzirah The Book of CreationKaplan, A.
Belief SystemsQabalahSixth and Seventh Books of Moses, ThePeterson, Joseph H.
Belief SystemsQabalahSixth and Seventh Books of Moses, ThePeterson, Joseph H.
Belief SystemsQabalahTalking Tree, TheGray, Wm. G.
Belief SystemsQabalahTraining & Work, TheFortune, Dion
Belief SystemsQabalahTraining & Work, TheFortune, Dion
Belief SystemsQabalahTraining & Work, TheFortune, Dion
Belief SystemsQabalahTruth About Cabala, TheGodwin, David
Belief SystemsQabalahWay Back; A New Age Approach to the Western Mystery Tradition, TheBias, Clifford
Belief SystemsQabalahWay, TheBerg, Michael
Belief SystemsQabalahWork of the Kabbalist, TheHalevi, Z'ev ben Shimon
Belief SystemsQabalahZ-5 Secret Teachings of the Golden Dawn; Book I: NeophyteZalewski, Pat
Belief SystemsQabalahZ-5 Secret Teachings of the Golden Dawn; Book II: ZelatorZalewski, Pat & Chris
Belief SystemsQabalahZohar; the Book of SplendorScholem, Gershom G.
Belief SystemsReincarnationBorn Again: The Truth About ReincarnationHolzer, Hans
Belief SystemsReincarnationContinuum; the immortality principleCroissant, Kay & Catherine Dees
Belief SystemsReincarnationEye of the CentaurClow, Barbara Hand
Belief SystemsReincarnationEyes of HorusGrant, Joan
Belief SystemsReincarnationHere & HereafterMontgomery, Ruth
Belief SystemsReincarnationHow Is It That We Live After Death and What Is the Meaning of LifeSteinpach, Richard
Belief SystemsReincarnationInitiationHaich, Elisabeth
Belief SystemsReincarnationMany LifetimesGrant, Joan & Denys Kelsey
Belief SystemsReincarnationMany Lives; Many LovesCerminara, Gina
Belief SystemsReincarnationMore Lives Than One?Iverson, Jeffrey & Magnus Magnusson
Belief SystemsReincarnationReincarnation The Second ChanceLeek, Sybil
Belief SystemsReincarnationReincarnation The Second ChanceLeek, Sybil
Belief SystemsReincarnationReincarnation: A New Horizon in Science/Religion/and SocietyCranston, Sylvia & Carey Williams
Belief SystemsReincarnationReturn from TomorrowRitchie, George G.
Belief SystemsReincarnationSpiral of Life, TheRolfe, Mona
Belief SystemsReincarnationWheel of Rebirth, The: An Autobiography of Many LifetimesChalloner, H. K.
Belief SystemsReincarnationWinged Pharaoh, TheGrant, Joan
Belief SystemsReincarnationYou Have Been Here Before: A Psychologist Looks at Past LivesFiore, Dr. Edith
Belief SystemsRosicrucianMansions of the Soul; The Cosmic ConceptionLewis, H. Spencer
Belief SystemsRosicrucianMaster Monograph-Set of 33:
(Private1,2,4-6, Atrium1: 1,3-11,; Atrium2: 1-15 &misc.
Lewis, H. Spencer
Belief SystemsRosicrucianRosicrucian Digest, Vol. 71Thompson, ed.
Belief SystemsRosicrucianRosicrucian ManualLewis, H. Spencer
Belief SystemsRosicrucianRosicrucian ManualLewis, H. Spencer
Belief SystemsRosicrucianRosicrucian Questions and AnswersLewis, H. Spencer
Belief SystemsRosicrucianSanctuary of Self, TheLewis, Ralph M.
Belief SystemsRosicrucianSelf Mastery and Fate with the Cycles of LifeLewis, H. Spencer
Belief SystemsRosicrucianSelf Mastery and Fate with the Cycles of LifeLewis, H. Spencer
Belief SystemsRosicrucianSon of the SunDevi, Savitri
Belief SystemsShamanism13 Original Clan Mothers, TheSams, Jamie
Belief SystemsShamanism7 FiresBearcloud
Belief SystemsShamanismAnimated Earth A Story of Peruvian Whistles and TransformationStatnekov, D. K.
Belief SystemsShamanismAnnals of the Cakchiquels, TheRecinos, A & Goetz, D
Belief SystemsShamanismAnnals of the Cakchiquels, TheGoetz, Recinos Chonay
Belief SystemsShamanismBlack Elk SpeaksNeihardi, J. G.
Belief SystemsShamanismBook of the HopiWaters, Frank
Belief SystemsShamanismBowl of Light, TheWesselman, H. Phd.
Belief SystemsShamanismCode II The Reunion A Parable for Peace, TheBurroughs, T.
Belief SystemsShamanismDreaming With the WheelBear, Sun & Wabun Wind& Shawnodese
Belief SystemsShamanismEagle's Gift, TheCastaneda, Carlos
Belief SystemsShamanismEarth MedicineMeadows, Kenneth
Belief SystemsShamanismFlight of the Seventh Moon the Teaching of the ShieldsAndrews, Lynn V.
Belief SystemsShamanismFlight of the Seventh Moon the Teaching of the ShieldsAndrews, Lynn V.
Belief SystemsShamanismFour Agreements, TheRuis, D. M.
Belief SystemsShamanismFourth World of the Hopis, TheCourlander, H.
Belief SystemsShamanismIn Search of the Old OnesRoberts, D.
Belief SystemsShamanismJaguar WomanAndrews, Lynn V.
Belief SystemsShamanismJaguar WomanAndrews, Lynn V.
Belief SystemsShamanismLearning Journey on the Red RoadLooks, F. for Buffalo Hand
Belief SystemsShamanismLiterature of the American IndiansChapman, Abraham
Belief SystemsShamanismMedicine WomanAndrews, Lynn V.
Belief SystemsShamanismMedicine WomanAndrews, Lynn V.
Belief SystemsShamanismMy Last Forty DaysGoodman, F. D.
Belief SystemsShamanismOne Land; Two Worlds
Belief SystemsShamanismPath of the White Wolf An Itroduction to the Shaman's WayYoungblood, R. T. & D'entremont, S
Belief SystemsShamanismPeople, The; Native American Thoughts & FeelingsHammer, Roger (ed.)
Belief SystemsShamanismReturn of the Bird TribesCarey, K.
Belief SystemsShamanismReturn of the Indian SpiritBrown, Vinson
Belief SystemsShamanismScience and Art of Tracking, TheBrown, Jr., T.
Belief SystemsShamanismSecond Ring of Power, TheCastaneda, Carlos
Belief SystemsShamanismSecret of the AndesPhilip, Brother
Belief SystemsShamanismSecrets of Mayan Science/ReligionMen, Hunbatz
Belief SystemsShamanismSeparate Reality, ACastaneda, Carlos
Belief SystemsShamanismShabonoDonner, Florinda
Belief SystemsShamanismShaman and the Magician, TheDrury, Nevill
Belief SystemsShamanismShamanic JourneyingIngerman, S.
Belief SystemsShamanismShamanismNicholson, Shirley
Belief SystemsShamanismShamanism & Personal MasteryScott, Gini Graham
Belief SystemsShamanismShamanism for Everyone A Guide to Discovering the Shaman in YouScott, Gini Graham
Belief SystemsShamanismSong of HeyoehkahStorm, Hyemeyohsts
Belief SystemsShamanismStar WomanAndrews, Lynn V.
Belief SystemsShamanismTales of PowerCastaneda, Carlos
Belief SystemsShamanismTales of PowerCastaneda, Carlos
Belief SystemsShamanismTeachings of Don Juan, TheCastaneda, Carlos
Belief SystemsShamanismTeachings of Don Juan, TheCastaneda, Carlos
Belief SystemsShamanismTitle of the Lords of TotonicapānGoetz, D
Belief SystemsShamanismWild Indians & Other CreaturesLouis, A.C.
Belief SystemsShamanism [F]Scarlet FeatherGrant, J
Belief SystemsShamanism [F]Scarlet FeatherGrant, J
Belief SystemsShamanism [F]She Who RemembersShuler, L. L.
Belief SystemsTheosophyConsciousness Of The Atom, TheBailey, Alice A.
Belief SystemsTheosophyDevachanic Plane or the Heaven World, The:
its Characteristics and Inhabitants
Leadbeater, C. W.
Belief SystemsTheosophyEsoteric AstrologyBailey, Alice A.
Belief SystemsTheosophyEsoteric HealingBailey, Alice A.
Belief SystemsTheosophyEsoteric Psychology; Vol IBailey, Alice A.
Belief SystemsTheosophyGlamour: A World ProblemBailey, Alice A.
Belief SystemsTheosophyH.P. Blavatsky and the Secret DoctrineHanson, Virginia (ed.)
Belief SystemsTheosophyHPB; the Extraordinary Life and Influence of Helena BlavatskyCranston, Sylvia
Belief SystemsTheosophyInitiation, Human and SolarBailey, Alice A.
Belief SystemsTheosophyIsis Unveiled Vol I ScienceBlavatsky, H.P.
Belief SystemsTheosophyIsis Unveiled Vol II TheologyBlavatsky, H.P.
Belief SystemsTheosophyLabours of Hercules, TheBailey, Alice A.
Belief SystemsTheosophyLight of The Soul, TheBailey, Alice A.
Belief SystemsTheosophyPonder on ThisBailey, Alice A.
Belief SystemsTheosophyRays and The Initiations, TheBailey, Alice A.
Belief SystemsTheosophySecret Doctrine Vol I Cosmogenesis, TheBlavatsky, H.P.
Belief SystemsTheosophySecret Doctrine Vol II Anthropogenesis, TheBlavatsky, H.P.
Belief SystemsTheosophyServing HumanityBailey, Alice A.
Belief SystemsTheosophyTelepathy and the Etheric VehicleBailey, Alice A.
Belief SystemsTheosophyTreatise on Cosmic Fire, ABailey, Alice A.
Belief SystemsTheosophyTreatise on White Magic, ABailey, Alice A.
Belief SystemsTheosophyVoice of the Silence, TheBlavatsky, H.P.
DivinationsA. R. E.Gems and Stones Based on the Edgar Cayce ReadingsThe Nomenology Project
DivinationsAstrologyEasy Astrology Oracle Cards
(book & cards)
White, Maya
DivinationsChineseBook of ChangesCrowley, Aleister
DivinationsChineseI Ching The Book of ChangesBlofeld
DivinationsCrystalsCrystal Connection, TheBaer, R.N., Baer, V.
DivinationsCrystalsCunningham's Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem & Metal MagicCunningham, S.
DivinationsEnneagramEnneagram Handbook, TheWright, Chris
DivinationsEnneagramWisdom of the Enneagram, TheRiso, Don Richard & Russ Hudson
DivinationsHandwritingTransform Your Life through Handwriting
(Cards, 2 booklets, and 2 CD's)
Rodgers, Vimala
DivinationsMediumshipAngelic Reality
(book & cards)
Givens, Diane
DivinationsMediumshipComplete Gypsy Fortune-Teller, TheMartin, Kevin
DivinationsMediumshipCrystal Ball, TheFerguson, Sibyl
DivinationsMediumshipCrystal Clarity; The Artist as a ChannelWalters, J.Donald
DivinationsNative AmericanMedicine CardsSams, Jamie & David Carson
DivinationsNomenonologyHidden Truth of Your Name, TheThe Nomenology Project
DivinationsNumerologyNumbers and their InfluenceTempleton, Hettie
DivinationsNumerologyNumerology A Mystical Magical GuideWhitaker, Hazel
DivinationsNumerologyPower of Birthdays. Stars, & Numbers, TheCrawford, Saffi & Geraldine Sullivan
DivinationsOracle*Daykeepers Out of Time Mayan Oracle GuidebookMarydyks, R. & Pittenger, S.
DivinationsOracleGodess Speaks Oracle, ThePoth, D.
DivinationsOracleLord of the Rings Oracle, TheDonaldson, T.
DivinationsOracleMayan Oracle, TheSpilsbury, A. Bryner, M
DivinationsOracleOracle of Celtic Totemism, TheGalway, K. A.
DivinationsPalmistryHow to Read Palms & FingerprintsWade, Carison & Royal Caldwell
DivinationsPalmistryHow to Read Palms & FingerprintsWade, Carison & Royal Caldwell
DivinationsPalmistryHow to Read the Lines of the Hand (hand card in donators envelope)
DivinationsPendlumPendulum PowerNielsen, G & Polansky, J.
DivinationsRunesBook of Runes, TheBlum, Ralph H.
DivinationsRunesEnchanted Alphabet: A Guide to Authentic Rune Magic and Divination, ThePeterson, Dr. James M.
DivinationsRunesHandbook of Rune Magic, AThorsson, Edred
DivinationsRunesRune MagicTyson, Donald
DivinationsRunesRune Magic; The Celtic Runes as a Tool for Personal TransformationDolphin, Deon
DivinationsRunesRunes and Other Magical Alphabets, TheHoward, Michael
DivinationsRunesRunic Workbook: Understanding and Using the Power of Runes, TheWillis, Tony
DivinationsStonesClearing Crystal ConsciousnessBurka, Christa Faye
DivinationsStonesComplete Crystal Guidebook, TheSilbey, Uma
DivinationsStonesCrystal Book, TheWalker, Dael
DivinationsStonesCrystal PowerSmith, Michael G.
DivinationsStonesGemstones and Color For Better Health Healing HappinessCornelio, Marie Williams
DivinationsStonesPsychic Values of Gemstones, TheFinch, Elizabeth
DivinationsStonesTruth About Crystal Healing, TheLlewellyn Editorial Staff
DivinationsTarotArthurian Tarot, The; A Hallowquest HandbookMatthews, Caitlin and John
DivinationsTarotArtwork & Times of Pamela Colman Smith, TheKaplan, Stuart R.
DivinationsTarotBook of Thoth, The; Egyptian TarotCrowley, Aleister
DivinationsTarotBook of Tokens, Tarot Meditaions, TheCase, Paul Foster
DivinationsTarotCeltic Tarot, ThePaterson, Helena & Courtney Davis
DivinationsTarotComplete Guide to the Tarot, AGray, Eden
DivinationsTarotComplete Guide to the Tarot, AGray, Eden
DivinationsTarotCrowley Tarot, The; Handbook to the CardsCrowley, Aleister & Lady Frieda Harris
DivinationsTarotGalactic Cross Tarot, The:
the Royal Road to Cosmic Consciousness
Colmer, Bryan Ivan
DivinationsTarotGreater Trumps, TheWilliams, Charles
DivinationsTarotHaindl Tarot, The Vol. I: Major ArcanaPollack, Rachel
DivinationsTarotHaindl Tarot, The Vol. II: Minor ArcanaPollack, Rachel
DivinationsTarotHighlights of TarotEd. Builders of the Adytum
DivinationsTarotInstant Tarot Reader, TheFarber, Monte and Amy Zerner
DivinationsTarotIntuitive Tarot, The; A Metaphysical ApproachGordon, Richard
DivinationsTarotJung and Tarot; An Archetypal JourneyNichols, Sallie
DivinationsTarotKeywords for the Crowley TatotBanzhaf, H & Theler, B.
DivinationsTarotLiving the Tarot; Applying an ancient oracle to the challenges of modern lifeJayanti, Amber
DivinationsTarotMagick of the Tarot, TheDenning, Melita & Osborne Phillips
DivinationsTarotMotherpeace; A Way to the Goddess through Myth, Art, and Tarot
(set: book, mini-pamphlet & round cards-wicker)
Vogel, K & Noble, V
DivinationsTarotMotherpeace; A Way to the Goddess through Myth, Art, and Tarot
(set: book, mini-pamphlet)
Vogel, K & Noble, V
DivinationsTarotNew Age Tarot; A Workbook of Glossary of SymbolsWanless, James
DivinationsTarotNew Age Tarot; Guide to the Thoth DeckWanless, James
DivinationsTarotNew Age Tarot; Guide to the Thoth DeckWanless, James
DivinationsTarotOsho Transformation Tarot
DivinationsTarotPictorial Key to the Tarot, TheWaite, Arthur Edward
DivinationsTarotQabalistic Tarot (A textbook of Mystical Philosophy)Wang, Robert
DivinationsTarotQuester; The Journey of the BraveBeattie, Patricia
DivinationsTarotSecrets of the Tarot; Origins, History, and Symbolism, TheWalker, Barbara G.
DivinationsTarotTarot and Magic; Images for Rituals and PathworkingKnight, Gareth
DivinationsTarotTarot and the Journey of the HeroBanzhaf, Hajo
DivinationsTarotTarot Handbook; Practical Applications of Ancient Visual Symbols, TheArrien, Angeles
DivinationsTarotTarot; A Key to the Wisdom of the Ages, TheCase, Paul Foster
DivinationsTarotTarot; A New Handbook for the ApprenticeConnolly, Eileen
DivinationsTarotTarot; An Essay, TheHall, Manly P.
DivinationsTarotTarot; Art, Mysticism, and Divination, TheSimon, Sylvie
DivinationsTarotTarot; Mirror of the SoulZiegler, Gerd
DivinationsTarotVoyager Tarot; Way of the Great OracleWanless, James
DivinationsTarotWheel of Tarot; A New RevolutionWanless, James, Ph.D and Angeles Arrien, Ph.D.
DivinationsTarotWisdom of the TarotHaich, Elisabeth
DiviniationsTarotGolden Dawn Tarot Deck, TheWang, R.
Health & HealingAlternative MedicineAlternative MedicineBurton Goldberg Group
Health & HealingAromatherapyGattefossé's AromatherapyGattefossé, Rene-Maurice
Health & HealingAromatherapyMarguerite Maury's Guide to AromatherapyMaury, M.
Health & HealingAromatherapyPractice of AromatherapyValnet, J., MD
Health & HealingBrainAmen SolutionAmen, D. G., MD
Health & HealingBrainMagnificent Mind at Any AgeAmen, D. MD
Health & HealingBrainMagnificent Mind at Any AgeAmen, D. MD
Health & HealingBrainTell-Tale Brain, TheRamachandran, V.S.
Health & HealingChinese MedicineWeb that has No Weaver, TheKaptchuk, T. J., OMD
Health & HealingCo-dependenceBreaking FreeMellody, P. & Miller, A. W.
Health & HealingEmotions, Play TherapyFeelings In HandDeak, M. R. Phd
Health & HealingExerciseOxycise!Johnson, J. R.
Health & HealingExerciseRebound ExerciseCarter, A. E.
Health & HealingHomeopathyComplete Book of Homeopathy, TheWeiner, M., Dr.
Health & HealingMedicinal HerbsTherapeutic Herb ManualSmith, E.
Health & HealingNLPEvery Word Has PowerOswald, Y. MHT, MNLP, MTLT
Health & HealingNLPEvery Word Has PowerOswald, Y. MHT, MNLP, MTLT
Health & HealingPsychology, Self-Esteem, IdentityCrossing the Bridge; A Journey in Self-Esteem, Relationships and Life BalanceNegley, S. MTRS, CTRS
Health & HealingPTSDSecondary PTSDGiles, R
Health & HealingPTSDSelf-Esteem Workout Video, TheEnvision Therapists
Health & HealingRites & ceremonies, benedictionArt of Ritual, The;
Creating Ceremonies for Grieving and Healing from Life's Lessons
Metrick, Sydney B.
Health & HealingSound HealingMessage in a Bottle: Harnessing Energy for Personal TransformationFord, L. J. Phd.
Health & HealingSound HealingMusic and Sound in the Healing ArtsBeaulieu, J.
Health & HealingT'ai ChiExercising the Soul How T'ai Chi Nurtures the Bodymind (Excerpt)David-Dorian, R.
Health & HealingTaoTransform Stress Into VitalityChia, M.
Health & HealingThetaGo Up and Seek God, 12 Strand DNA Technique, Book OneStibal, V.
Health & HealingThetaGo Up and With God, Book TwoStibal, V.
Health & HealingWeight LossWeight of the Nation, TheHoffman, J. & Salerno, J. A.., MD
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Health & HealingYou Can Heal Your LifeHay, Louise L.
Health & HealingYou Mean I'm Not Lazy, Stupid or Crazy?!
A Self-Help Book for Adults w/ADD
Kelly, Kate & Peggy Ramundo
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Relationshipsin PersImprovHow to Win Friends & Influence PeopleCarnegie, Dale
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RelationshipsPassages: Predictable Crises of Adult LifeSheehy, Gail
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RelationshipsSometimes God Has a Kid's FaceRitter, Bruce
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ReligionSacred TextBhagavad-gita As It IsBhaktivedanta, A. C. ~ Swami Prabhupada
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ReligionSacred TextBook of Mormon, TheLDS
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Poems by Wordsworth, Coleridge, Shelley, and Keats
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Invocational Prayer of the Starward Path
(bound pamphlet & cards-cloth)
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and the Science of Creative Intelligence
Forem, Jack
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Belief SystemsMeditationTM: How to Find Peace of Mind Through MeditationEbon, Martin
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Business & Finance9 Steps to Financial Freedom, TheOrman, Suze
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ClassicsPoetryEaster Love StoriesVarious
ClassicsPoetryMan and the Gods: Three TragediesSwander, Homer D. Aeschylus, Christopher Marlowe, Bernard Shaw
ClassicsPoetryOf Gnats and Gnus and a Few Loose ScrewsFish
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ClassicsPoetryWalden TwoSkinner, B. F.
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FairiesPlantsReal World of Fairies, Thevan Gelder, Dora
Health & HealingAddictionAddictionsMcGraw, P.
Health & HealingAffirmations, Mental healingSafe Passage; Affirming Songs of Hope and HealingLeeds, J. & Hay, L.
Health & HealingChakrasColor Crystal Reference GuideGardner, J.
Health & HealingChakrasColor Crystal Reference GuideGardner, J.
Health & HealingCo-dependenceBeyond Codependency and Getting Better All the Time (1 Audo Cassette)Beattie, M.
Health & HealingCo-dependenceCodependent No More (1 Audio Cassette)Beattie, M.
Health & HealingComparative ReligionStress Reduction & Creative Meditations (1Cassette)Allen, M.
Health & HealingHappiness, RelaxationEffective Meditation for Inner Peace Happiness (1 Audio Cassette)Griswold, D.
Health & HealingHydrotherapyWater Seminar SyllabusSchool of Loma Linda University
Health & HealingHypnotherapyLearning the Art of Basic HypnosisHunter, R. C.
Health & HealingMeditation, RelaxationMeditation for Peace of Mind; Relax and Appreciate Your Uniqueness (1 Audio Cassette)Siegel, B.S., MD
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Health & HealingProblem-solving, FamilyFirst Therapy Session, The (2 Audio Cassettes)Haley, J.
Health & HealingPsychologyDr. Phil's Get Real Challenge (The Oprah Winfrey Show) 10 Parts {Part 5 missing}McGraw, P.
Health & HealingPsychologyGetting UnstuckSimon, S. Dr.
Health & HealingPsychologyWarming the Stone Child: Myths & Stories About Abandonment and the Unmothered Child (1 Audio Cassette)Estés, C. P., Phd.
Health & HealingPsychology - PsychotherapyReflective Therapist, The; Confronting the Personal and Professional Challenges of Helping Others (2 Cassettes)Kottler, J. A.
Health & HealingPsychology ofArt of Breathing and Centering (1 Booklet, & 1 Audio Cassette)Hendricks, G., Phd
Health & HealingPTSDUnderstanding Posttraumatic Stress Disorder/Hope for RecoveryPTSD Alliance
Health & HealingSelf-helpHow Could You Do That?!, The Abdication of Character, Courage, Conscience (2 Audio Cassettes)Schlessinger, L., Dr.
Health & HealingSocial PhobiasShyness & Social Anxiety Workbook, TheAntony, Martin M., Phd & Richard P. Swinson, MD
Health & HealingStressHow Serious Is This?LaRoche, L.
Health & HealingStressHumor Your StressLaRoche, L.
Health & HealingStressJoy of Stress, TheLaRoche, L.
Health & HealingCompanion Workbook for the Basic I and Basic II KitsBirch, B.
Health & HealingHabit Control Workbook, TheBirkedahl, N. MSW
Health & HealingMineral Education BookletBrangat, Dr., Lyneu
Health & HealingReiki, The Healing Touch First and Second Degree ManualRand. W. L.
Health & HealingStory of Ozone, ThePressman, S.
Health & HealingYour Guide to Essential Oils, Minerals and NutritionBirch, B.
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HistoryEngland, megalithic monumentsMysteries of Stonehenge, TheNiel, Fernand
HistoryExtraterrestrial influencesChariots Still Crash, TheWilson, Clifford
HistoryGeographical mythsMystery of AtlantisBerlitz, Charles
HistoryGreeceGreek Way, TheHamilton, Edith
HistoryMayanCrystal Skull, TheGarvin, Richard
HistoryOccultism - MexicoAncient Mysteries of the Mexican & MayanSmith, Warren
HistoryPaleography - Easter IslandMysteries of Easter Island, TheBair, Lowell
HistoryPersiaCyrus the GreatLamb, Harold
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HistorySecret Destiny of America, TheHall, Manly P.
HistorySecret Power of Pyramids, TheSchul, Bill & Ed Pettit
MeditationTheosophyConcentrationWood, E.
MeditationTranscendentalTranscendenceRosenthal, N. E. , MD
Personal ImprovementAddiction RecoveryTwelve Steps and Twelve Traditions
Personal ImprovementBusiness SuccessGrow Rich! With Peace of MindHill, Napoleon
Personal ImprovementChange (Psychology)Excuses BegoneDyer, Wayne W., Dr.
Personal ImprovementEmotionsLanguage of Emotions, TheMcLaren, K.
Personal ImprovementLife ConductHow to Have More in a Have-Not WorldCole-Whittaker, Terry
Personal ImprovementMen's IssuesFire In the Belly; On Being a ManKeen, Sam
Personal ImprovementPsychologyOur Troubled SelvesFromme, Allan
Personal ImprovementSelf Improvement7 Habits of Highly Effective Families, TheCovey, Stephen
Personal ImprovementSelf ImprovementAll I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten
(Uncommon Thoughts on Common Things)
Fulghum, Robert
Personal ImprovementSelf ImprovementBecome the Person you Dream of BeingBevis, Wes
Personal ImprovementSelf ImprovementBeyond Success and Failure; Ways to Self-Reliance and MaturityBeecher, Willard and Marguerite
Personal ImprovementSelf ImprovementDrama of the Gifted Child, The (The Search for The True Self)Miller, Alice
Personal ImprovementSelf ImprovementEnnerInner? Enemy, The (How to Fight Fair With Yourself)Bach, Dr. George R. and Laura Torbet
Personal ImprovementSelf ImprovementFirst Things FirstCovey, Stephen
Personal ImprovementSelf ImprovementFirst Things FirstCovey, Stephen
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Personal ImprovementSelf ImprovementGood Bye to Guilt (Releasing Fear Through Forgiveness)Jampolshy, Gerald G., M.D.
Personal ImprovementSelf ImprovementHow to Get Control of your Time and your LifeLakein, Alan
Personal ImprovementSelf ImprovementLife 101 (Everything We Wish We Had Learned About Life In School - But Didn't)McWilliams, John-Roger & Peter
Personal ImprovementSelf ImprovementLove is Letting Go of FearJampolshy, Gerald G., M.D.
Personal ImprovementSelf ImprovementMemory Book, TheLorayne, Harry & Jerry Lucas
Personal ImprovementSelf ImprovementPower of Positive Thinking, ThePeale, Norman Vincent
Personal ImprovementSelf ImprovementScripts People Live (Transactional Analysis of Life Scripts)Steiner, Claude
Personal ImprovementSelf ImprovementTake Time For Your LifeRichardson, Cheryl
Personal ImprovementSelf ImprovementUnlimited Power (The Way to Peak Personal Achievement)Robbins, Anthony
Personal ImprovementSelf ImprovementWeight Loss for the MindWilde, Stuart
Personal ImprovementWomen's IssuesChicken soup for the Woman's SoulCanfield, J.
Personal ImprovementWomen's IssuesSelf-Esteem for Women (6 Audio Cassettes)(1-12)White, Julie
Personal ImprovementWomen's IssuesTaking Control of Your Life (The Secrets of Successful Enterprising Women)Blanke, Gail & Kathleen Walas
Personal ImprovementWomen's IssuesTen Stupid Things Women Do to Mess Up Their LivesSchlessinger, L., Dr.
Personal ImprovementWomen's IssuesWoman's Book of Soul, TheThoelle, S. P.
PhilosphyEthicsBeyond Good and EvilNietzsche, Friedrich
RelationshipsConflict managementHow to Handle Conflict & Manage Anger (6 Cassettes) (2 sided)Waitley, D.
RelationshipsInterpersonal relationsRelationship Strategies (1 Booklet & 6 Audio Cassettes)Cathcart, J. & Alessandra, T.
RelationshipsMarriageMaking Love Work (2 Booklets, 5 Audio Cassettes, 2 Video Cassettes)De Angelis, Barbara Phd
RelationshipsPsychologyMars and Venus in Love (2 Audio Cassettes)Gray, John, Phd
RelationshipsPsychology, IndustrialHow to Deal With Difficult People; Strategies for Getting Results With the Hard-To-Handle People in Your Life (1 Booklet, 2 Audio Cassettes)Brinkman, R., Dr. & Kirschner, R., Dr.
RelationshipsPsychotheraphyLazarus Material: The Ultimate Relationships, The (2 Audio Cassettes)Lazaris
RelationshipsSelf ImprovementAssertive Communications Skills: How to Communicate Powerfully, in a Style That's Comfortable for You (4 Cassettes)Price, C.
RelationshipsNonviolent Communication Workbook for Individual and Group PracticeLeu, Lucy
ReligionWorldMajor Religions of the WorldBach, Marcus
ReligionWorldReligions Explained; A Beginners Guide to World FaithsGaneri, Anita
ReligionWorldReligions of Man, TheSmith, Huston
ReligionWorldWorld Treasury of Modern Religious Thought, ThePelikan, Jaroslav
ReligionCatholicismWhy Do Catholics Do That?Johnson, Kevin Orlin
ReligionChristian ScienceScience and Health with Key to the ScripturesEddy, Mary Baker
ReligionChristianityBible Mystery and Bible MeaningTroward, Thomas
ReligionChristianityBible, The; The Story of a BookHall, Manly P.
ReligionChristianityChrist the MessengerVivekananda
ReligionChristianityChristian MysticsKing, Ursula
ReligionChristianityFifth Gospel; the Miracle of the Holy Shroud, TheHumber, Thomas
ReligionChristianityGospel According to Jesus, TheMitchell, Stephen
ReligionChristianityGreat Controversy; Between Christ and Satan, TheWhite, Ellen G.
ReligionChristianityInterior Castle; St. Teresa of AvilaPeers, E Allison
ReligionChristianityIntroduction to the Books of the Old Testament, AnOesterley, W.O.E. & Theodore H. Robinson
ReligionChristianityJesus: An Historian's Review of the GospelsGrant, Michael
ReligionChristianityLife of Christ, TheRicciotti, Giusepe
ReligionChristianityLives of the MasterSanderfur, Glenn
ReligionChristianityLost Years of Jesus Revealed, ThePotter, Charles Francis, Rev. Dr.
ReligionChristianityMaster's Indwelling, TheMurray, Andrew
ReligionChristianitySermon on the Mount, TheFox, Emmet
ReligionChristianityService Book and Hymnal; LutheranAmerican Lutheran Church
ReligionChristianitySongs from the House of PilgrimageIsaac, Stephen
ReligionChristianityTeresa of AvilaMedwick, Cathleen
ReligionChristianityUnknown Life of Jesus Christ, TheNotovitch, Nicolas
ReligionChristianityWaters of Siloe, TheMerton, Thomas
ReligionChristianityYour Hope of GloryTurner, Elizabeth Sand
ReligionHinduismAditi and the Other Dieties in the VedaPamdit, M. P.
ReligionHinduismAnanda; Where Yoga LivesBall, John
ReligionHinduismAt The Feet of the MasterAlcyone
ReligionHinduismAutobiography of a YogiYogananda, Paramahansa
ReligionHinduismCompulsory DancingJohn, Da Free
ReligionHinduismDivine Emergence of the World-Teacher, TheBonder, Saniel
ReligionHinduismHarmony in Chaos; Ramakkrishna VedantaFoxe, Barbara
ReligionHinduismIn Search of the Self; a home study in the Siddha YogaSwami Ishwarananda
ReligionHinduismPath; Autobiography of a Western Yogi, TheSwami Kriyananda
ReligionHinduismSri Caitanya-CaritamrtaA.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
ReligionHinduismVendanta Philosophy, TheSwami Abhedanananda
ReligionJehovah's WitnessGod's Eternal Purpose Now Triumphing; For Man's GoodWatch Tower Bible and Tract Society
ReligionSikhOppression in PunjabRao, Amiya & others
ReligionSufiGift; Poems by Hafiz, TheLadinsky, Daniel
ReligionSufiHeart & Wings; Summer 2002Sufi Order International- North Am.
ReligionSufiLearning How To Learn; Psychology and Spirituality in the Sufi wayShah, Idries
ReligionSufiUnity of Religious Ideals, TheKhan, Hazrat Inayat
ScienceAnthropologyAfrican GenesisArdrey, Robert
ScienceAnthropologyAnthropology and ArtOtten, Charlotte M. (ed.)
ScienceAnthropologyAnthropology: The Study of ManHoebel, E. Adamson
ScienceAnthropologyFern and the Tiki, TheAusubel, David P.
ScienceAnthropologyGods; Graves; and ScholarsCeram, C. W.
ScienceAnthropologyGods; Sages and KingsFrawley, David
ScienceAnthropologyGold of Troy, ThePayne, Robert
ScienceAnthropologyHuman Zoo, TheMorris, Desmond
ScienceAnthropologyIntroduction to Anthropology, AnBeals/Hoijer
ScienceAnthropologyMirror for ManKluckhohn, Clyde
ScienceAnthropologyPatterns of CultureBenedict, Ruth
ScienceAnthropologyPioneer AmericaAlden, John R.
ScienceAnthropologyQuest for a ContinentSullivan, Walter
ScienceAnthropologyRemnants of the Lost; Three Billion Years of Man's Unknown HistoryJalandris
ScienceAnthropologySocial Construction of Reality, TheBerger, Peter L. & Thomas Luckmann
ScienceAnthropologyTestament; The Bible and HistoryRomer, John
ScienceAnthropologyUnderstanding the Lost Continents For the MillionsPierce, Marilyn Seal
ScienceAnthropology, PhilosophyFuture of Man, Thede Chardin, Teilhard
ScienceArcheologyAncient Civilization of Angkor, ThePym, Christopher
ScienceArcheologyAnts; Indians; & Little DinosaursAmerican Museum of Natural History
ScienceArcheologyChildren of Mu, TheChurchward, James
ScienceArcheologyCitadels of MysterySprague, L. & Catherine C. De Camp
ScienceArcheologyCosmic Forces of Mu, The (Vol??)Churchward, James
ScienceArcheologyDistant Mirror, ATuchman, Barbara
ScienceArcheologyLos ViegosHalsell, Grace
ScienceArcheologyLost Cities of Vanished CivilizationsSilverberg, Robert
ScienceArcheologyLost Cities of Vanished CivilizationsSilverberg, Robert
ScienceArcheologyMan's Discovery of His Past (2 diff subtitles)Heizer, Robert F.
ScienceArcheologyMysteries of the Andes, TheCharroux, Robert
ScienceArcheologyNaked ApeMorris, Desmond
ScienceArcheologyPyraminds of EgyptEdwards
ScienceArcheologySacred Symbols of Mu, TheChurchward, James
ScienceArcheologySecond Book of the Cosmic Forces of Mu, TheChurchward, James
ScienceArcheologyUnderstanding MuChurchward, James
ScienceArt, ArchitectureFreehand and Perspective DrawingEverett, Herbert E. & William H. Lawrence
ScienceBible, space voyageSpaceships of Ezekiel, TheBlumrich, Josef
ScienceBiologyEvolution of LIfe, TheOlson, Steve or Mark or Peter? Or Everett Claire
ScienceCosmologyCosmosSagan, Carl
ScienceCosmologyLowell ObservatoryRodriquez
ScienceCosmologyMariner IV to MarsLey, Willy
ScienceCosmologyStephen Hawkings UniverseBoslough
ScienceEvolution, ConciousnessFrom Fish to PhilosopherSmith, Homer William
ScienceGeography, CivilizationOur World in Space and TimeInternational Graphic Society
ScienceHumanHeredity and the Nature of ManDobzhansky, Theodosius
ScienceMarine BiologyJacques Cousteau: The Ocean WorldCousteau, Jacques
ScienceMetaphysics, PsychologyAwakening to Zero Point: The Collective InitiationBraden, Gregg
ScienceParapsychologySearch for Psychic Power, TheHammond, David
SciencePhilosophyWeb of Life, TheCapra, Fritjof
SciencePhilosophy, BiologyReflexive Universe, The: Evolution of ConciousnessYoung, Arthur M.
SciencePlantsComplete Book of Herbs, TheBremness, Lesley
SciencePlantsListening to NatureCornell, Joseph
SciencePlantsPlants Are Like PeopleBaker, Jerry
SciencePlantsRodale Herb Book, TheHylton, William H.
SciencePlantsTree Medicine Tree MagicHopman, Ellen Evert
ScienceProphecies (Occultism)Pole ShiftWhite, John
ScienceReligion, BibleScience Returns to GodJauncey, James H.
ScienceSolar EnergyDirect Use of the Sun's EnergyDaniels, Farrington
ScienceBermuda Triangle, TheBerlitz, Charles Frambach
ScienceDescriptive GeometryCherry, F. H.
ScienceMagic: Science of the FutureGoodavage, Joseph
SciencePlanet of Impossible Possibilities, The (?)Pauwels, Louis & Jacques Bergier?
Spiritual ExplorationAbundanceMaster-Key to Riches, TheHill, Napoleon
Spiritual ExplorationAbundanceRich Man's Secret, ARoberts, Ken
Spiritual ExplorationAnthropologyEncounter with an Angry God: Recollections of My Life With John Peabody HarringtonLaird, Carobeth
Spiritual ExplorationAnthroposophyKnowledge of the Higher WorldsSteiner, Rudolf
Spiritual ExplorationApologetics,
Toward Belief: One Man's QuestFairchild, Hoxie Neale
Spiritual ExplorationAsiatic Zoological-[F]Quest of the Snow LeopardAndrews, Roy Chapman
Spiritual ExplorationAstral projectionAstral Journey, TheGreenhouse, Herbert B.
Spiritual ExplorationAtlantis (Legendary place)Prince of Atlantis, TheRoy, Lillian Elizabeth
Spiritual ExplorationBible, ChristianThere's a New World ComingLindsey, Hal
Spiritual ExplorationCayce, Maya astronomyAtlantis and the Coming Ice AgeJoseph, Frank
Spiritual ExplorationChannelingGift of Prophecy, A; the Phenominal Jeanne DixonMontgomery, Ruth
Spiritual ExplorationChannelingGift of Prophecy, A; the Phenominal Jeanne DixonMontgomery, Ruth
Spiritual ExplorationChannelingSeth SpeaksRoberts, Jane
Spiritual ExplorationChristianLord; Change me!Christenson. Evelyn
Spiritual ExplorationClairvoyanceDoor to the Future, TheStearn, Jess
Spiritual ExplorationConciousnessStill Voice, TheEagle, White
Spiritual ExplorationCuriosities & WondersForgotten WorldsCharroux, Robert
Spiritual ExplorationExtraterrestrial influencesHuman Race Get Off Your Knees: the Lion Sleeps No MoreIcke, David
Spiritual ExplorationExtraterrestrial influencesSirius Mystery, TheTemple, Robert K. G.
Spiritual ExplorationFuture Life, MeditationsTemples on the Other SideBrowne, Sylvia
Spiritual ExplorationHolocaust, JewishMan's Search for MeaningFrankl, Viktor
Spiritual ExplorationHolocaust, JewishMan's Search for MeaningFrankl, Viktor
Spiritual ExplorationMysteries, ReligionHidden Records, TheHerschel, Wayne & Lederer, Birgitt
Spiritual ExplorationMythologyE. T. Chronicles, TheLouise, Rita, PHd & Wayne Laliberte, MS
Spiritual ExplorationNorth American IndiansCulture; Language & PersonalitySapir, Edward
Spiritual ExplorationOccultismMorning of the Magicians, ThePauwels, Louis & Jacques Bergier
Spiritual ExplorationOccultismPendragonSteiger, Brad
Spiritual ExplorationParapsychologySearch for the Truth, AMontgomery, Ruth
Spiritual ExplorationPersonal GrowthSpiritual Growth, Being Your Higher SelfRoman, Sanaya
Spiritual ExplorationPhilosophyUnknown Philosopher, TheWaite, Arthur Edward
Spiritual ExplorationProphecies (Occultism)Premonitions: A Leap Into the FutureGreenhouse, Herbert B.
Spiritual ExplorationProphecies, VisionsProphecy in Our TimeEbon, Martin
Spiritual ExplorationPsychical researchPsychic Discoveries Behind the Iron CurtainOstrander, Sheila
Spiritual ExplorationPsychical researchPsychic Discoveries by the RussiansEbon, Martin
Spiritual ExplorationPsychical researchPsychic World of California, TheSt. Clair, David
Spiritual ExplorationPsychologyLife After Life: The Bestselling Original Investigation That Revealed "Near-Death Experiences"Moody, Raymond
Spiritual ExplorationPsychology (self-actualization)Creativity: Road to Self-DiscoveryDi Cyan, Erwin
Spiritual ExplorationReligion, superstition, MagicNew Golden BoughFrazer. James George, Sir
Spiritual ExplorationSailboat racingStrange Last Voyage of Donald Crowhurst, TheTomalin, Nicholas & Ron Hall
Spiritual ExplorationScience & CivilizationLost Knowledge of the AncientsHancock, Graham
Spiritual ExplorationSelf-realizationOne Quest, TheNaranjo, Claudio
Spiritual ExplorationSupernaturalGhosts and Other StrangersSaltzman, Pauline
Spiritual ExplorationSupernaturalStrange TalentsHurwood, Bernhardt J.
Spiritual ExplorationAladdin Factor, TheCanfield & Hansen
Spiritual ExplorationArt of LivingLeichman & Japikse .. Gandhi …
Spiritual ExplorationCreative VisualizationDenning, Melita & Osborne Phillips
Spiritual ExplorationDancing in the LightMacLaine, Shirley
Spiritual ExplorationEarth Mama Soul Tells It Like It IsKing, M
Spiritual ExplorationEat, Pray, LoveGilbert, Elizabeth
Spiritual ExplorationLate Great Planet Earth, TheLindsey, Hal
Spiritual ExplorationLeisure - The Basis of CulturePeiper, Josef
Spiritual ExplorationMagic of Believing, TheBristol, Claude M.
Spiritual ExplorationMan The UnknownCarrel, Alexis
Spiritual ExplorationMessages from Maitreya the ChristCrème, Benjamin
Spiritual ExplorationMiraclesLewis, C. S.
Spiritual ExplorationNavigating The Collapse of TimeCowan, David Ian
Spiritual ExplorationNew Earth, ATolle, Eckhart
Spiritual ExplorationOut on a LimbMacLaine, Shirley
Spiritual ExplorationPower Through Constructive ThinkingFox, Emmet
Spiritual ExplorationReturn to Vision, ACherry, Richard L. & others
Spiritual ExplorationReunion with SourceGilliland, James
Spiritual ExplorationSacred Mirrors; the Visionary Art of Alex GreyGrey, Alex
Spiritual ExplorationSecret, The; A Treasure HuntKelly, Sean & Ted Mann
Spiritual ExplorationTestimony of the Soul, TheJones, Rufus M.
Spiritual ExplorationTruth About Psychic Attack & Protection, TheLlewellyn ed.
PoetryWings of SilverPetty, Jo
PoetryYou Can't Get There From HereNash, Ogden
Foundations of the Metaphysics of Morals Immanuel KantWolff, Robert Paul

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