Mission Statement of the Tree of Life Sanctuary

Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be the Whole of the Law

Tree-Of-Life-Sanctuary-LogoThe Tree of Life Sanctuary is a perpetual body that exists to teach, through the Qabalah, that God is within the Human Being. Participants learn to live their True & Divine Will in accordance with Love, which can assure the future of our species. Our organization is receptive to the evolving spiritual needs of consciousness and culture, and changes its methods of delivery to meet these needs.

It is the intent of the Tree of Life Sanctuary to serve as…

A Doorway to Spiritual Enlightenment that provides participants

  • a Qabalistic initiation program
  • a spiritual coaching program
  • the fellowship of Light-Conscious people
  • a metaphysical library
  • a website with Participant benefits
  • facilities for personal retreat and group educational workshops

A Family Partner who supports

  • participants in creating and maintaining healthy, positive family relations
  • enrichment of the family by the participant living their heart’s dream
  • staff and volunteers by maintaining a positive, respectful work environment

A Model of Evolving Enlightenment for Humanity through

  • the Board and Participants demonstrating love, individual liberty and self-discipline in all relationships
  • celebrating the diversity of the human species
  • fostering balance in all matters

A Caretaker of Earth and all of Her life forms

  • by having an intelligent, nurturing impact on our planet
  • both as individuals and as an organization

Love is the Law, Love Under Will

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