The Phenomenal ToLS Library

Most of our library books are not like a new book just printed and delivered into your hands after an online order.  Nor are they like the brand-new perfect tome you mystically found at a local bookstore. They open easily, without effort, eager for you to engage with them. They are well matured, esoteric portals of Light. 

Each book resonates with a high frequency energy field that was infused by a Soul who spent decades of their life pouring over it. Souls who were impassioned with knowing the Truth for themselves. They craved understanding of the human ego and how it gets in the way of the Divine Within us. Some were even initiates, committed to applying the tools and practices within the book. All this to accomplish that Great Work of the union of Self and the Divine Within. 
After accomplishing this for themselves, they focused on helping fellow humans accomplish the Great Work. They did so in many ways. Some of them became Spiritual Teachers, opening their own schools. Some shared the Light as a common worker, being of service in day to day life. Some became professionals, lifting humanity through healing, education, and justice. Some are still alive and serving, and others are now transitioned from their body.  

You likely won’t recognize their name when you see it in the front of the book that they donated, but they are grand Hermetic Saints. They have left behind their books for you, to continue their role as portals of Light.    

This is why our library books are different. This is why we are guided to preserve and share them with spiritual seekers. This is why we ask you to support us in our work.

Library Volunteer Opportunities

We are in the process of inventorying our full library and adding newly donated items to the database. We also plan to make the library more accessible from this library page and will need assistance with doing that. 

There are many tasks in these library projects and one might appeal to you perfectly.  To learn more about helping us with these, drop us a note from our contact page and one of us will be in touch with you. 

How to See What is in Our Library

Welcome to a small taste of our full and complete spiritual library, consisting of nearly 1,000 items. Some of the items are reserved due to their age and rareness and can only be used at the School.

You can scroll through to see what we have by subject (general & specific), title, and author.

Use your browser "Find" function to search for items in this list. 

Have a question about the items in our library?  Have some books or other media you want to donate? Go to our Contact Us page and select "Spiritual Library" from menu.  

Ready to join the Spiritual Library?

To use our library, the financial expression of appreciation is $25/year.